Terrible twos…

The Terrible project continues apace. Art has almost completed inking chapter two, while I’ve almost completed writing chapter three.

Here are the first two mostly completed pages of chapter two of Terrible: Tsar Ivan IV

Still fine-tuning some of the colors, but they’re almost there.

Art Hondros outdid himself with this chapter. He really nailed the look and feel of the characters. In the following piece of Art’s original line art, we see Ivan has aged a bit since Cats & Dogs. The youthfulness remains, albeit tinged with a weariness- and wariness.

And I love Art’s depiction of Ivan’s armies’ troubles on the Volga:

We’ll post another update once the second chapter is complete.

Enjoy, comrades!


About Scott Aric Mills

Cartoonist. Chronicler. Cosmonaut.
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