Terrible: Tsar Ivan IV

In an effort to combine my love of Russian history and old Gold Key comics I’ve joined forces with artist Art Hondros to create Terrible: Tsar Ivan IV.

The finished book will consist of 10 6-page chapters detailing what I see as the most salient–or at least most interesting–aspects of history’s most notorious tsar Ivan Vasilyevich.*

Though anxiety, sickness and incompetence may have slowed down my artistic output in the last few years, I happily return to making comics in earnest for the reason I first started making comics: comics rock! And so I humbly present to you the first chapter of Terrible: Tsar Ivan IV.

Much of the dialogue from this first chapter was culled and adapted from Ivan’s actual writings, hence the somewhat obsolete vernacular.** The text from the bit where Shuisky pleads for his life is lifted inspired by a scene from an old horror movie.***

Special thanks to Art for providing such gritty and haunting artwork, and for bringing young Ivan to terrifying life. Here, for your enjoyment, are a couple of Art’s beautiful uncolored pages:
Art and I are working on the second chapter, a story of Ivan’s first great battle for the city of Kazan, which should be completed in a month or so.

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you like it!


* Stalin, tsar in everything but name, was probably a much bigger bastard, but why quibble over atrocities?

** Apologies to Eli Cash.

*** If you know of what movie/scene I speak, congratulations. You may be an even bigger geek than me!


About Scott Aric Mills

Cartoonist. Chronicler. Cosmonaut.
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  1. matt d. says:

    Looks awesome!

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